Military Nootropics You Don’t Want to Miss

When Hitler decided to march into Russia in World War II, he had a secret weapon with his soldiers that nobody would expect. It wasn’t a weapon, but it was a form of amphetamine that made the soldiers more focused on their task, more capable of staying alert with sleep deprivation, and more able to handle the harsh conditions that they were facing. When they failed it wasn’t because the soldiers weren’t of good quality. German soldiers during the second world war were considered some of the most elite in the world.

The biggest problem was that they didn’t have the manpower and resources. When you are looking for an option to enhance the quality of your brain and cognitive power, it might be a good idea to look into something like nootropics as well. You might not want to go as far as using amphetamine, but there are plenty of options that military powers around the world have used to combat fatigue and improve the performance of their soldiers.

Combating Fatigue in Soldiers

One of the things that soldiers have to do most often is fight against difficult odds with an uphill battle. People who are fighting often go many hours without sleep and this was the case for numerous studies about the topic. In one study of a alertness drug called modafinil, there were military personnel who had to stay awake for 64 hours straight while staying engaged (adrafinil is a close cousin). The study compared a combination of amphetamine with modafinil and found that the latter had the same efficacy as the former. This was huge news for people who were taking these kinds of drugs regularly because it made it possible to avoid addictive amphetamines while still enhancing cognition and preventing sleep deprivation.

The United States military (specifically air force) has plenty of pilots and other soldiers who are able to use this in order to stay in the air longer and continue to do their duty. A host of other drugs are also useful for the same purpose. Sulbutiamine is a common nootropic that was invented by the Japanese to handle a disease called beriberi. This disease was killing dozens of soldiers in the early 1900s and scientists needed to find a solution.

The reason sulbutiamine is so effective is because it is a more bioavailable version of thiamine. People who are taking thiamine find that they don’t have as much cross the blood brain barrier as they would like. The majority of people feel sulbutiamine is better for vitamin B1.

Other Ways to Combat Fatigue

Besides modafinil and sulbutiamine, there are a host of other ways that you can prevent feeling fatigued and sleep deprived. One of the best solutions is actually a natural product called rhodiola rosea. This has been used in many parts of the world (particularly regions of Scandinavia and  Russia) in order to prevent fatigue and combat stress. It is considered an adaptogen, which makes it a lot more powerful than most other plants!

If you decide to use rhodiola rosea, this is a good natural extract. You can also choose methods, such as taking naps, which might seem basic, but are actually quite useful. By taking a 20 minute nap you will find that you can have much more room for working than you would have ever expected. Most of the time, you are going to find that naps and the supplements we have provided are all that you need to make a difference.

Using the nootropics we have outlined must be done in a safe way so ensure you maintain the safety precautions found on your vendor’s site.

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3 Reasons to Use Nootropics in School

There are plenty of professionals who are using nootropics in order to have more success on the job. They often have high performance jobs and need the added boost of nootropics or smart drugs in order to get ahead, but there are students who can benefit from using the compounds as well. You’ll see this as a much more beneficial use at a young age. While it requires that you need to be more careful about your age, it is important for you to consider how to navigate these waters.

In the following article, we are going to show you 3 different reasons that you need in order to use nootropics in schools. You’ll find how useful this is when you have kids of your own or if you talk to someone who has children of the age that they are nearing college.

  1. General cognitive health – a lot of these nootropic drugs are not just useful for the purposes of focusing or concentrating on a specific task. Instead, there are real benefits of having long term usage. Using modafinil for studying is a great way for kids to not only improve their ability to work, but also absorb more information in the long run. However, it is important you make sure to keep an eye on doses and the side effects so as to not create any other long-term issues.
  2. Global competition – these days you’re not just competing with Timmy from down the street. You are competing with people all over the world who are gunning for your well-paying job (and they’ll do it for a fraction of the price). This is a huge burden and it is another reason why taking these smart drugs will make a big difference when it comes to your performance.
  3. Good relaxation – often when we are working so hard and stressfully, it is difficult to get in a relaxed state. This makes it difficult to sit back and relax. It is important that we are able to do that and sometimes nootropics can help. One great anti-anxiety nootropic is called aniracetam.

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Can L-Theanine Induce Relaxation?

For people who want to improve their level of relaxation and lead a more fulfilling life, there are many smart drugs that can help. Some are more effective than others and there are certain supplement options that actually help to induce too much relaxation depending on the person. This article will help you to better explain how to use a nootropic like L-theanine and then makes it possible for you to utilize it in the best way possible.

When we say utilize the nootropic in the best way, it might seem odd because taking a supplement is taking the supplement, right? Actually, taking the right nootropics at the right time can make a big difference. Timing and dosage are huge factors when you take smart drugs and this can help.

Using L-theanine for relaxation can help in a couple of different instances. For one thing, people who are really high anxiety or feel a lot of stress can take L-theanine to improve their mood and feelings of relaxation and calmness. Most of the time, you’ll find that L-theanine is a great way to induce this feeling of calm.

coffee beansSometimes it is also good for improving your ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. A dose of 200 mg of L-theanine combined with your typical cup of coffee is going to help you to focus more and improve your general mental abilities in the moment; the combination of l-theanine and coffee/caffeine has been well studied. We recommend Pure Nootropics L-theanine capsules as the capsules are the right dosage and affordably priced.

Whether you are trying to use L-theanine as an agent to relax more or just improve your ability to concentrate, the timing and usage with other drugs makes a big difference. Now that you have a better idea of how to best use L-theanine, it is possible for you to take your first step and see what it can do for you.

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Why Deadlifting is Healthy

A lot of people in the weight lifting community will talk about deadlifting and yet it is still a scary prospect for someone who has never tried it. A lot of people who use deadlifting find that it is incredibly healthy, but is grossly misunderstood. Part of the problem is that lifting such a heavy weight with the back seems like a strenuous and potentially dangerous exercise. However, this could not be farther from the truth if you have the right kind of things in place to protect you.

deadliftingFor example, there are many different methods of deadlifting, called sumo, wide grip etc., which any beginner doesn’t need to worry about. The main point is that you know there are differences so you do not get confused. The basic deadlift is actually healthy for your back muscles if you engage everything properly. That means doing things in a way that is conventional until you really get the hang of what you are doing.

Deadlifts are important for a number of reasons if you are doing them correctly. First, they improve the strength of your lower back and core. This is where most people are completely deficient because they have not dedicated the time or energy to improving this part of their body. Without a strong core, it is nearly impossible to do much physical exertion and most of your power should come from this part of the body.

If you are trying to get interested in deadlifting and do not want to start without some support, you probably have the right and safe idea. It’s a good idea for you to focus on getting someone to help you to learn how to do the deadlifts and then you can try them on your own. Getting the right form is the only way to make these healthy or else they will end up hurting you!

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Sugar and Honey – What’s the Difference?

For many reasons, people believe that honey is good for you because it is natural. While it is definitely better than some of the alternatives, honey is sugar just like any other sugar. At a chemical level, the glucose is glucose, which has a lot of calories and is not very great for your immune system or general health.

When it comes to improving your diet, it is important that you take a close look at how much sugar you are consuming and try to find out whether there are alternatives to this portion of your diet. Most people who are involved in some way with dieting don’t pay attention to the fact that honey adds up just as badly as a Twinkie!

honeyThe main thing that can benefit you by using honey is that you’ll find some allergen benefits if you get it locally. Many of the plants that might cause you allergies get balanced out by the bees in the area who introduce you to the pollen through the honey. This process is important because it can save you from getting sick and having a negative experience during winter and spring seasons.

In general, sugar is sugar and anyone on a diet should be very careful with the quantity of sugar that you consume. For people who are trying to get the best results from a fat loss program, it is important that you are able to take the right approach. This often means getting “real” with the ingredients and not listening to hippie marketing slogans about how great honey is due to authenticity or nature!

Sure, sugar has some advantages and it might be better than mass produced sugar refining, but at the end of the day if you are on a diet, the last thing you want is a lot of sugar or honey.

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